Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Let's get together and feel alright

This post is dedicated to the lengendary Robbie ( as he was known by Mrs. Rita Marley) a.k.a BOB MARLEY.

In fact this is probably the only image I've seen of Bob Marley (source) To say the least I knew nothing of Bob.

I recently had the pleasure to go the Bob Marley musuem in Kingston, Jamaica. Before going all i knew about Bob Marley was Rasta man. And that he was a legend. I was lying by the pool at the hotel and someone mentioned heading over to Bob Marley musuem on Hope Road and I thought, why not? It cost tourist 20usd but we did a bit of haggling and got in for 500Jaimaican dollars (1 pound to 140 so thats roughly 5usd maybe??). If you squit really hard you might be able to read the text of the image above haha. taken from the bob marley musuem.

So we went on a tour with a guide who is very vocal (she keeps breaking out these Bob Marley tunes throughout the tour!). Around the house there is a herb garden and several mango trees.

This is what was growing in the herb garden. Mah wee wah wee in broad daylight!! One of the most interesting fact I learnt about Bob was that he was high with the fairies most of his life yet he's a strict vegetarian and don't drink alcohol due to his Rastafarian beliefs!! What does he eat when he gets the munchies??? KFC is out of the question!

Round the back of the house is the room where he got shot. The alleged bullet holes are still there in the hole!! Though according to Mrs. Rita Marley he was in the kitchen upstairs eating a pineapple so those weren't HIS bullet holes so to speak but of his manager, who was left paralysed for the rest of his life.

Then we go into the house where it houses all his platinum gold and all sort records, all his awards, 2 rooms full of newspaper clippings and his old record store he used to own with his wife. Also in the house was the recording studio that his surviving children still use to this day. What i liked about the musuem was that they actually kept his bedroom and this 'hangout room' exactly how he left it. Although they framed his rasta hat in his bedroom but hey ho! I would love to show pictures of this house but not allowed so you have to truly be there to experience it.

What i loved was how old school it was! the house had no glass windows, it was all wooden shutters. And this sign above, it was just casually lying there on top of rubble like it was meant to be!

So after the musuem we got really into it and revisited some classic bob marley tunes: One Love, Zimbabwe, I shot the Sheriff and No Women No Cry to name a few.

Also, Bob fathered 14 children (give or take) but only 5 belonged to Mrs. Rita Marley. How insane is that?? One of Bob's friend has 50+ children. Being curious and nosey as I am, I then went on to borrow Mrs. Rita Marley's book titled No Women No Cry. It's a real insight into how Bob Marley became Bob Marley and her perspective of his blatant adulterous-ness. I highly recommend it as i couldnt put it down!. I really admire her. Not many woman can stand their husband having child after child (all different women by the way) and let him back. To top that off, after Bob Marley dies, she carries on his legend and does what she can to carry him on.

I hope this isn't too boring as it is a little factual. Next Week Bush Gardens in Tampa!!

P.S. Did you know Bob Marley died cos he injured his big thumb toe in a football game that never healed? When he found out he had cancer he didnt want to have his toe amputated which could've prevented the cancer from spreading due to his beliefs. Such a shame

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