Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Draw a cock.

Saw this over on Tom's inspired blog. Right up my street!
I laughed at Tom's warning:"beware the ink runs out. I was half way through colouring in a penis drawing and it ran out, leaving my masterpiece unfinished."

The top cock is genius!

Sporting misery.

Not much of a football fan, but this is a sad week for everyone from Norwich. Hanging onto a last thread of hope.
I think my man Mickey summed up the feeling best with his facebook comments:

"Kick It Off, Throw It In, Have a little scrimmage! Keep It Low, Splendid Rush, Bravo Win Or Die"
"How can anyone hate Norwich? Anyone (apart from reading fans!) who cheered on reading tonight should be shot. Whoever they are, no excuses. They have ruined my day and season as well as my families. I hope you all rot."
" Hates all forest fans for cheering on reading. I now have a real hatred towards all of you. you were pretty much safe anyway yet you took it out on us.. You should be ashamed. Name one Norwich fan who had a laugh at you when you spent years in league 1???? You should all be ashamed. Shame on you all."

Saturday, 25 April 2009

From hiphop to nature, fushion?

You will probably notice a change in writing mannerisms as it is skyhigh blogging and not donaldamerica. My interest in hiphop is somewhat tame and I'm much more interested in producing vegetables at the moment!

I've been growing tomatoes and chilis the past yr or two and have decided this year to take it to a whole new level. I've got tomatoes, chilis (the old classics) plus sweetcorn, cucumber, garlic, peas, sweet pepper and corriander. OH and some genetically moditied for small countries (i.e japan) strawberries! dying to see how my teeny tiny strawberries will look like!

so here are some early photos of them. I took them back in March and the plants are significiantly bigger now.

These are my baby chili plants. so cute! i've potted out some of them later than others so they are now various sizes. I think i prefer that given that it might been they produce chilis at different times...mmmmmm

You can see A sweetcorn plant there on the left and the other two on the right are sweet peppers (which look exactly the same as chilis)

My baby teeny tiny strawberries! can't wait till it fruits

So I've been trying to turn what lil space in the garden I have into a veg patch and though it doesn't look amazing, this is roughly how it looks

I'm the first to admit it doesn't look great but it is a working progress n i'm a novice veg grower on a showstring....

My first outdoor pea plant! the rows have since filled up and i have a pea pod juicing up as I blog! Will blog later on after taking photos of the progress. I have a cat problem that I am trying to resolve with citrus, netting and cayenne pepper..everytthing that was recommended by various websites. Will see how it works as netting did nothing to resolve the issue.

So far in natural disasters:
3 cucumber plants lost to slugs
3 pea plants to cat digging
1 garlic plant to the cat
2 Garlic in ICU, again, cat


next time i'll blog about smth more hip, trendy, cool and generally more interesting to people my age..haha

Friday, 17 April 2009

Redman killing it.

Redman killing it in this freestyle. Makes me think so many people biting his style over the years but Reggie does Reggie best.

And Donald does donald best.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Somebody Buy Me These!

He maybe a gay fish but he has designed a couple of really nice shoes!

Kanye and the gay fish crew!

Bonus sweet shoes:

Common Project's Safari Boots

skyhighs favorite - Christian Louboutin

Guess until I work out the lotto numbers Ill have to stick to converse :(

Rock the Bells '09

With all Uk festivals this having massively wack line-ups/headliners - Bruce Springsteen anyone? thought not. Check out what's going on in the US. The green sofa team went to the '08 show last year in Miami and caught Dead Prez, Red N Meth, Nas, Mos Def, Immortal Technique, Ghostface etc. Was an awesome show and this years looks just as good:

Already making plans to meet up with the family in Miami and make this show. Particularly excited about M.O.P, KRS, Evidence, Slaughterhouse, Talib Kweli and of course Nas. But why Big Boi and no Outkast? How is Slum Village without Dilla? WTF Charlie 2na?

Supernatural announcing the line up. This guy is awesome!

Jay-Z (feat. Diddy) - Maybe

Love this photo of Jay with Beyonce (although she looks a lot like a giant compared to the jigga). Going to be posting every new Jay-Z leak/song/remix/album I find here. Bit late on this one I know but I like it. Don't know much about it but likely it's off Blueprint 3?

- Jay-Z (feat Diddy) - Maybe
(still learning this blogging shite, dunno why a proper link aint working, so for now it's copy&paste).

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Back for the first time.

Hello! Welcome to Tales from the Green Sofa. We will be blogging about all the stuff we like from Hip Hop to Gardening; music, fashion, photography, travel, films, celebs and everday life.

For my first post; Eminems new song and video. So disappointing! So many of us must be excited about the return of Shady but this and the previous single Crack a Bottle are both preety lame. Has Em been hanging around with 50 too much. Seems like the Aftermath gang cant succeed in putting out any decent music. 2009 is supposed to be the year of Em, Dre and 50 but nothing doing as yet. How long will we wait to hear Detox? I'm tired of this crap.
(Edit: Can't embed the video for some reason so here's the link to Smoking Section's embedd).

Don't all the cultural references (Sarah Palin, Winehouse etc.) seem dated? Maybe Em wrote this last summer?

Sorry to start of negatively, more posts on things I actually DO like next!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

The start of a new beginning.

Welcome to tales from the green sofa! It's a shared blog about our daily lives in good old Brighton. More updates to come later!