Friday, 4 December 2009


As it is coming to the end of the year, we all look back to see what we have done and acheived. This year donaldamerica and I looked back on the holidays we have been on despite recession...

We made it to Hong Kong's DAI PAI DONG (eat outside restaurants where chopsticks are cleaned in cups of water, rubbish swept under the floor) in Jordan at January time

Then we headed westward into Vietnams Hanoi to sample a snake cuisine. donald america came out of his vegetable coma by eating his first piece of meat, which was a (still beating) snake's heart with vodka. I followed suite by drinking some snake bile with vodka. Then we continued on our meal with snake everything- snake soup, snake ribs, snake skin, snake pudding, snake wine. you name it, they've cooked it

Fast forward two days and we ended up at Ha Long Bay (still Vietnam). We made is a couple of months after the Top Gear lads which meant it was pretty cold and the bay was unswimable.

Having been living for 23 and 25 years, this year also marks the first time we sit on a sit for 24 hours which was jam packed and had no toilets. It stopped every few hours and played vietnamese/lao-ian music non stop. to say it was an experience was an understatement. on the bright side, i am no longer afraid of long bus journeys thanks to my new friend Kwells.

Upon arriving into Vietiene we realised it was not the place to be in Laos and made a swift exit to Vang Vieng. We quickly discovered that not only is this place awesome which obviously no law and order in terms of drinks and drugs (mushroom shakes and magic pizzas are common), it is also where all aussies seem to take their spring break equivalent. It is a hidden treasure in its own right

To cure our hangovers from Vang Vieng we made it to Luang Phrabang where we drank fruit shakes a plenty.

Then we pegged it down to Cambodia's own hidden treasure, the Angor Wat (featured in Tomb Raider) where we thought we'll recreate the poses for one of the later sequels... Here, one of greensofa's friends join us on our journey.

Finally, to sum up South East Asia in January, donaldamerica had a suit made in Bangkok by Hugo Boss for a fraction of the amount!!!
For the next couple of months donaldamerica toured europe for alittle while I crossed the atlantic backwards and forwards like it was going out of fashion. Finally in October, we had a little time to travel together again.

We made it to the carribean island Saint Lucia which is marked by these two pitons. We did a bit of snorkelling, drank a whole bucket load of cocktails in our all inclusive hotel and made our merry but sad bodies back to uk.
Then in November, with the travelling bug still in us we went to Moneto Bay, Jamaica man!!! Photos to come from donald america as i have no good ones..
Time to sell some items on ebay to make up for it all..!!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Good video

Chris Brown Feat. Lil Wayne and Swizz Beats - Transform Ya

Skyhigh gets CR@TIVE!

Quite recently Skyhigh's been making some crazy good panoramics. If you know me well anything panoramic or photo collage I instantly love. Same with fisheye too!
These are awesome and show how talented Skyhigh is!

Who's that?... Jigga Man!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Saturday, 29 August 2009

It looks like while Skyhigh has been jetsetting and sunning herself in the carribean islands, donaldamerica has infiltrated her account and posing as Skyhigh!

Day to day blogs have been slack! I've eaten alot of the veggies that was wee height the last time it made its appearance on this blog! Am enjoying the last of my tomatoes and ate my first supersweet sweetcorn today! Photos to come when donaldamerica (and his camera) returns from his italian escapades!!

Typing this blog has been made increasingly difficult by my uber UNsensive KB? think it might need some TLC back at Dell central as dedicated readers will remember that this lil gadget is not that old!! (M (month).O.B april)

This summer has been a remarkabe one with

a hen night at Babylon lounge brighton with falsely advertised strippers. They are old enough to be my dad (esp in uk now that the youngest dad is meant to be 12). Their dance moves were hot tho and 10 points for effort

good old scooby strutting his stuff. notice whats hanging between his legs

Then of course two weeks later came a beutiful wedding

Then there was the farm visits with lil baby sophia and family at middle farm

As you can sort of tell, Middle farm is pretty big. It has a farm shop, a child's area and the infamous cider farm.

Isnt this chicken just the best???? it looks like a GAI MO SO (those feather boa sticks in hong kong)

Lil baby sophia and her mummy Jo at the hay maze. isnt she just ADORABLE???

This is as far as my photos from donaldamerica's camera goes! Seeing my half-neice is abit then next week Hong Kong bound! My list of food and things are endless! hope the suitcase will hold it all in!!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Jay-Z - All black everything!


How to get ready in the morning.

Dope Raekwon video.

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Raekwon Feat: Inspecktah Deck, GhostFace and Method Man : House of Flying Daggers.

This is awesome. Id love a Wu Tang cartoon series. Theyve done the game, the clothing line and the comic books. Come on guys!

Good news!

Pure pwnage got a TV show!

One of my favorite shows got a Tv series! nice!

Dipset Freestyle - OLDSCHOOL!

Fun dipset vid. Cam'ron the pink panther killing it counting cash and freestyling!
Jim Jones is garbage.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

A Good Day

Went to a house party with Doug a couple weeks back and Ice Cubes' - Good Day got played over and over... such an awesome song - every line. And then this equally good video pops up to promote Nike shoes.
Really reminds me of good times going out skating all day and having so much fun. Should be getting my board this weekend - can't wait to roll out on it now.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Let's get together and feel alright

This post is dedicated to the lengendary Robbie ( as he was known by Mrs. Rita Marley) a.k.a BOB MARLEY.

In fact this is probably the only image I've seen of Bob Marley (source) To say the least I knew nothing of Bob.

I recently had the pleasure to go the Bob Marley musuem in Kingston, Jamaica. Before going all i knew about Bob Marley was Rasta man. And that he was a legend. I was lying by the pool at the hotel and someone mentioned heading over to Bob Marley musuem on Hope Road and I thought, why not? It cost tourist 20usd but we did a bit of haggling and got in for 500Jaimaican dollars (1 pound to 140 so thats roughly 5usd maybe??). If you squit really hard you might be able to read the text of the image above haha. taken from the bob marley musuem.

So we went on a tour with a guide who is very vocal (she keeps breaking out these Bob Marley tunes throughout the tour!). Around the house there is a herb garden and several mango trees.

This is what was growing in the herb garden. Mah wee wah wee in broad daylight!! One of the most interesting fact I learnt about Bob was that he was high with the fairies most of his life yet he's a strict vegetarian and don't drink alcohol due to his Rastafarian beliefs!! What does he eat when he gets the munchies??? KFC is out of the question!

Round the back of the house is the room where he got shot. The alleged bullet holes are still there in the hole!! Though according to Mrs. Rita Marley he was in the kitchen upstairs eating a pineapple so those weren't HIS bullet holes so to speak but of his manager, who was left paralysed for the rest of his life.

Then we go into the house where it houses all his platinum gold and all sort records, all his awards, 2 rooms full of newspaper clippings and his old record store he used to own with his wife. Also in the house was the recording studio that his surviving children still use to this day. What i liked about the musuem was that they actually kept his bedroom and this 'hangout room' exactly how he left it. Although they framed his rasta hat in his bedroom but hey ho! I would love to show pictures of this house but not allowed so you have to truly be there to experience it.

What i loved was how old school it was! the house had no glass windows, it was all wooden shutters. And this sign above, it was just casually lying there on top of rubble like it was meant to be!

So after the musuem we got really into it and revisited some classic bob marley tunes: One Love, Zimbabwe, I shot the Sheriff and No Women No Cry to name a few.

Also, Bob fathered 14 children (give or take) but only 5 belonged to Mrs. Rita Marley. How insane is that?? One of Bob's friend has 50+ children. Being curious and nosey as I am, I then went on to borrow Mrs. Rita Marley's book titled No Women No Cry. It's a real insight into how Bob Marley became Bob Marley and her perspective of his blatant adulterous-ness. I highly recommend it as i couldnt put it down!. I really admire her. Not many woman can stand their husband having child after child (all different women by the way) and let him back. To top that off, after Bob Marley dies, she carries on his legend and does what she can to carry him on.

I hope this isn't too boring as it is a little factual. Next Week Bush Gardens in Tampa!!

P.S. Did you know Bob Marley died cos he injured his big thumb toe in a football game that never healed? When he found out he had cancer he didnt want to have his toe amputated which could've prevented the cancer from spreading due to his beliefs. Such a shame

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Microsoft owning Nintendo something silly!

This video is absolutely nuts. Microsoft released footage of their new motion sensor technology for the XBox 360 and this shit makes the Wii seem as aged as a Mega Drive!
I know a few people with Wii consoles collecting dust underneath their TVs and Ive always thought that, where as the DS rules the handheld market, Nintendo have really needed to step up their game with the Wii for me to be interested. And here's the proof! Something tells me that there are going to be a lot of game designers in Tokyo and Kyoto sweating, working serious overtime and getting ear-ache from the CEO pressuring them into creating something to compete with Microsoft. Right, now it looks like Microsoft's going to destroy the competition with this!

Sunday, 31 May 2009

update from the city gardenner

Align RightYou must all think how random this blog is! donaldamerica loves blogging bout his music whereas I'm not so in the music scene which leaves me blogging bout our everyday lives. This blog is more for me to keep track of my plants progress that anything else so bare with me.

Anyway i thought, with the trees going green and the flowers blooming outside, it is time to provide an update on my newbie garden. photos are taken and here goes:

this is my indoor spring onion (white lisbon) and indoor lettuce (butterhead variety) which is doing really well in comparison to my outdoor variety:

I didnt manage to zoom in very well as it was really sunny today and i couldnt quite see what i was doing in the garden. these white lisbons were sowed roughly a month before i sowed my indoor ones and they are not doing half as well. still pretty good tho i have lost a few to the recent heatwave in england.

And this was sowed exactly the same time as my indoor lettuce. I planted 3 outside and the cat dug up 2 so now i'm nurturing this one hoping the cat pest will soon have somewhere else to play. i'm so gutted tho cos the cat killed 2 of my biggest juiciest lettuce i owned :(

On to other plants now. Heading back indoors I have my sweet pepper (sweet colour spectrum)

Doesnt she look beautiful? I'm hosting a naming ceremony soon to keep track of each individual plant. All the sweet pepper ones will be named beginning with a S and the chilies will be everything but. As you can see, the sweer peppers have started to flower which means new, bigger pots with need to be purchased! how exciting!

Say cheese babies!! this is my collection of sweet peppers and chilies!! You can telll the difference (sorta) by looking at leaf size and the buds that are about to flower. Sweet pepper buds are much much bigger and chili buds tend to droop down.

Now moving outdoor we have my tomato plants (100s and millions i believe it's called) I've grown cherry tomatos now for 3 years ( i hate big tomatos) and this is the first time I've grown this variety. Boy do they have many buds!! I have never seen anything like it before!

My cucumber plants (marketmore) is doing really well for itself. Tho since I'm such a newbie I don't know if they are climbers so I gave them some netting just in case for support. If anyone happens to read this blog that is a pro at gardenning please drop a comment and tell me more!

A close up of the cucumber plant shows promising flowers! meaning lil cucumbers are developing, yay! I actually have a pictue of a lil baby cucumber but it's just too much effort

my pea plants (kevin wonderer) I've used pea sticks then added netting for additional support as I didnt anticipate it to grow as tall as it did! I've been sowing more and more each week so that i can have more peas later in the season. I've counted 13 pea pods as of yday which I am very pleased about.

Here is a close up of my pea pods

and last but not least is my sweetcorn

They are getting bigger and bigger but the bottom leaves are turning yellow :( from my recent visit to bermuda and observing their sweetcorn plants there I know this is not normal but i dunno what to do about it so i think i might just sit it out

This has taken me an hour so i hope u enjoyed an insight into my gardenning life. makes a change from all the music talk doesn't it?

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

A real coincidence.

Literally, straight after I posted the Hawaiian Sophie video, I went over to Kanye's website and found this DJ Premier Jay-Z remix/mashup whatever.
Seeing as I still cant post links for some reason. If you want to hear it you'll have to copy and paste it into your browser.
It's just an accapella off American Gangster laid over a new beat. But it sounds cool and as there's nothing the new, it'll have to do.