Saturday, 29 August 2009

It looks like while Skyhigh has been jetsetting and sunning herself in the carribean islands, donaldamerica has infiltrated her account and posing as Skyhigh!

Day to day blogs have been slack! I've eaten alot of the veggies that was wee height the last time it made its appearance on this blog! Am enjoying the last of my tomatoes and ate my first supersweet sweetcorn today! Photos to come when donaldamerica (and his camera) returns from his italian escapades!!

Typing this blog has been made increasingly difficult by my uber UNsensive KB? think it might need some TLC back at Dell central as dedicated readers will remember that this lil gadget is not that old!! (M (month).O.B april)

This summer has been a remarkabe one with

a hen night at Babylon lounge brighton with falsely advertised strippers. They are old enough to be my dad (esp in uk now that the youngest dad is meant to be 12). Their dance moves were hot tho and 10 points for effort

good old scooby strutting his stuff. notice whats hanging between his legs

Then of course two weeks later came a beutiful wedding

Then there was the farm visits with lil baby sophia and family at middle farm

As you can sort of tell, Middle farm is pretty big. It has a farm shop, a child's area and the infamous cider farm.

Isnt this chicken just the best???? it looks like a GAI MO SO (those feather boa sticks in hong kong)

Lil baby sophia and her mummy Jo at the hay maze. isnt she just ADORABLE???

This is as far as my photos from donaldamerica's camera goes! Seeing my half-neice is abit then next week Hong Kong bound! My list of food and things are endless! hope the suitcase will hold it all in!!

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