Friday, 4 December 2009


As it is coming to the end of the year, we all look back to see what we have done and acheived. This year donaldamerica and I looked back on the holidays we have been on despite recession...

We made it to Hong Kong's DAI PAI DONG (eat outside restaurants where chopsticks are cleaned in cups of water, rubbish swept under the floor) in Jordan at January time

Then we headed westward into Vietnams Hanoi to sample a snake cuisine. donald america came out of his vegetable coma by eating his first piece of meat, which was a (still beating) snake's heart with vodka. I followed suite by drinking some snake bile with vodka. Then we continued on our meal with snake everything- snake soup, snake ribs, snake skin, snake pudding, snake wine. you name it, they've cooked it

Fast forward two days and we ended up at Ha Long Bay (still Vietnam). We made is a couple of months after the Top Gear lads which meant it was pretty cold and the bay was unswimable.

Having been living for 23 and 25 years, this year also marks the first time we sit on a sit for 24 hours which was jam packed and had no toilets. It stopped every few hours and played vietnamese/lao-ian music non stop. to say it was an experience was an understatement. on the bright side, i am no longer afraid of long bus journeys thanks to my new friend Kwells.

Upon arriving into Vietiene we realised it was not the place to be in Laos and made a swift exit to Vang Vieng. We quickly discovered that not only is this place awesome which obviously no law and order in terms of drinks and drugs (mushroom shakes and magic pizzas are common), it is also where all aussies seem to take their spring break equivalent. It is a hidden treasure in its own right

To cure our hangovers from Vang Vieng we made it to Luang Phrabang where we drank fruit shakes a plenty.

Then we pegged it down to Cambodia's own hidden treasure, the Angor Wat (featured in Tomb Raider) where we thought we'll recreate the poses for one of the later sequels... Here, one of greensofa's friends join us on our journey.

Finally, to sum up South East Asia in January, donaldamerica had a suit made in Bangkok by Hugo Boss for a fraction of the amount!!!
For the next couple of months donaldamerica toured europe for alittle while I crossed the atlantic backwards and forwards like it was going out of fashion. Finally in October, we had a little time to travel together again.

We made it to the carribean island Saint Lucia which is marked by these two pitons. We did a bit of snorkelling, drank a whole bucket load of cocktails in our all inclusive hotel and made our merry but sad bodies back to uk.
Then in November, with the travelling bug still in us we went to Moneto Bay, Jamaica man!!! Photos to come from donald america as i have no good ones..
Time to sell some items on ebay to make up for it all..!!

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