Sunday, 31 May 2009

update from the city gardenner

Align RightYou must all think how random this blog is! donaldamerica loves blogging bout his music whereas I'm not so in the music scene which leaves me blogging bout our everyday lives. This blog is more for me to keep track of my plants progress that anything else so bare with me.

Anyway i thought, with the trees going green and the flowers blooming outside, it is time to provide an update on my newbie garden. photos are taken and here goes:

this is my indoor spring onion (white lisbon) and indoor lettuce (butterhead variety) which is doing really well in comparison to my outdoor variety:

I didnt manage to zoom in very well as it was really sunny today and i couldnt quite see what i was doing in the garden. these white lisbons were sowed roughly a month before i sowed my indoor ones and they are not doing half as well. still pretty good tho i have lost a few to the recent heatwave in england.

And this was sowed exactly the same time as my indoor lettuce. I planted 3 outside and the cat dug up 2 so now i'm nurturing this one hoping the cat pest will soon have somewhere else to play. i'm so gutted tho cos the cat killed 2 of my biggest juiciest lettuce i owned :(

On to other plants now. Heading back indoors I have my sweet pepper (sweet colour spectrum)

Doesnt she look beautiful? I'm hosting a naming ceremony soon to keep track of each individual plant. All the sweet pepper ones will be named beginning with a S and the chilies will be everything but. As you can see, the sweer peppers have started to flower which means new, bigger pots with need to be purchased! how exciting!

Say cheese babies!! this is my collection of sweet peppers and chilies!! You can telll the difference (sorta) by looking at leaf size and the buds that are about to flower. Sweet pepper buds are much much bigger and chili buds tend to droop down.

Now moving outdoor we have my tomato plants (100s and millions i believe it's called) I've grown cherry tomatos now for 3 years ( i hate big tomatos) and this is the first time I've grown this variety. Boy do they have many buds!! I have never seen anything like it before!

My cucumber plants (marketmore) is doing really well for itself. Tho since I'm such a newbie I don't know if they are climbers so I gave them some netting just in case for support. If anyone happens to read this blog that is a pro at gardenning please drop a comment and tell me more!

A close up of the cucumber plant shows promising flowers! meaning lil cucumbers are developing, yay! I actually have a pictue of a lil baby cucumber but it's just too much effort

my pea plants (kevin wonderer) I've used pea sticks then added netting for additional support as I didnt anticipate it to grow as tall as it did! I've been sowing more and more each week so that i can have more peas later in the season. I've counted 13 pea pods as of yday which I am very pleased about.

Here is a close up of my pea pods

and last but not least is my sweetcorn

They are getting bigger and bigger but the bottom leaves are turning yellow :( from my recent visit to bermuda and observing their sweetcorn plants there I know this is not normal but i dunno what to do about it so i think i might just sit it out

This has taken me an hour so i hope u enjoyed an insight into my gardenning life. makes a change from all the music talk doesn't it?

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