Sunday, 3 May 2009

My love for Keith

Now that I don't work so hard cos of the recession I spend many days browsing the internet for new toys to play with. Had a spending spree recently and bought myself a very sexy new laptop. It's the Dell studio 15 with the red swirl pattern

So excited! it's on phase 5 of my order which means it's coming home soon!! About time as well considering I use a usb keyboard now and have changed adapters 3 times!

Obviously by splashing out on a new gadget I've cut to save my cost elsewhere so i've looked at my outgoings and decided to attack my phone bill where i use...hmm on average mayb 50 minutes a month and about 40 texts?? fyi it's not because I have no friends..i'm just out of the country alot. I get a new phone and pay next to nothing...nice deal I reckon :D

Introducing the LG kp501

I've never had a touchscreen phone before so I thought I'll give this one a go. And I've quickly discovered touchscreen sucks cos texting is a mission. It's like learning to walk. And it doesn't fit into my hangbag slots so I've ditched it for now. Hmmm actually looking at the picture now I realised it's not MY phone but similiar, oops haha. but it's practically the same. Oh but I do love the Keith Haring artwork on it. I love love LOVE Keith Haring

Here's a few classic Keith Haring work from it's website

They do Keith Haring accessories!! What a nice touch! Coincidentally It's his 51st birthday tomorrow! Happy Birthday K.Haring. I hope your happy in angel land.

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  1. awwwww i looooooove keith haring too. dont think you remember but my whole yr12 art coursework was on keith haring. wahahahhaa you guys are sooooo funny. oh man SUPER splurging on new gadgets huhhhhhhh? so the comp cOMES wiht that red swirly stuff??? not bad. I want a new skin for my lappy ( AND i still needa buy a case ):