Sunday, 17 May 2009

Great Escape 2009 - Day3 - It's Too Late, Too Late, Too Late, Too Late...

Saturday began late as the Tales team woke up mid-afternoon and very slowly got going. And what started off quite badly turned into the best festival day yet.
Got a text informing of a 'secret' Babyshambles show, so went down to the Levi's store to get tickets. Sold Out. So went over to the Queens Hotel for free beers and sushi. Finished. So far, so shite.
But, turned out we would be able to see Babyshambles from the street as their show wa outdoors. So we went over and after an hour wait witnessed an awesome (but short) set from Pete Doherty and his crew.
While waiting we were treated to seeing a waster get chucked out the side door of Above Audio, obviously fucked on a cocktail of drugs. But, this wasn't the worlds most famous crack addict - Pete was on good behaviour - but a random hanger on who drifted off soon enough. Oh dear. What would his mother think?
Here's a video of the band playing their Killamanjiro hit:

And, a photo of Pete doing his job. The gig was very entertaining and sounded great. It was fun watching buses driving by full of old people peering out trying to work out what was going on, and all the people leaning out of windows, balconys and bars to watch the band.

Stopped off at HQ for a bite and to get some warm clothes as the clouds were rolling in. Then we went by Hector's House, saw The Gay Blades and drank a few Carlings.Couldn't decide if they were any good or not. But they were interesting to watch and SkyHigh gave the lead singer a few classic heckles from a couple of rows back.

Then we went into town to Audio and bumped into Simone who had got himself into a bit of trouble after pretending to be Sky Larkin and losing far too many drinking games. We were like guiding angles and saved him from a gang of police who were planning on putting him in a cell for the night. Unfortunately, he had lost his drivers license the night before and now his wristband was gone: his weekend was over. We said farewell, hoped for the best and stepped into Audio to catch the end of a set from Hockey.
After the show we downed a few absinths and went to Coalition. The festival was winding down but Coalition had gigs till 2am. First off was Tucker - another Japanese. He was rubbish, but he set his keyboard on fire which was preety awesome!Next was a band called Heartbreak.They sung songs about doner meat and meal deals but we'd had a few more absinths by then to care much about anything.
To finish the festival was a biggy: Mr Hudson (no library). I wanted to see him due to the attention he got at last years Glastonbury from Jay-Z and because he signed to Kanye West's record label and has a single featuring him. No sign of Kanye sadly but I was happy to have G.O.O.D music in the building!He played a great set and then came back for more. I predict big things for this man.
After the show we went back stage to chat to the guy. He was cool and SkyHigh snatched a cheeky photo:
With the festival ended we grabbed some beers and went boating, then slowly made our way home, drunk and happy. We had become giants in Brighton and found time for a spot of late night gardening.

The Great Escape festival was mighty fun. We saw some amazing new music, partied hard and gave our livers a good work out. Can't wait for next year!

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