Friday, 15 May 2009

Great Escape 2009 - Day1 - Lying in My Bed Looking at the Clouds

Last night was the first night of Brighton's Great Escape festival - tipped as UKs version of SXSW. And, it started well and turned into some real carnage! Below is my account (prepare for quite a lengthy post) of day 1:

In the beginning we went up to catch Nulifer at the Freebutt but got distracted my cheap beer on the way and missed the show. So we caught the end of a set by a band called Calories at Hector's House. The phrase volume over talent came to my head. But, they weren't bad it was just too early for this level of noise and anger so we slipped to the back for more booze. When this show finished we wandered over to Ocean Rooms because there was 2 bands playing: I Was A King (slit your wrists music) and Hoodlums:

I thought they were alright until they announced a song called "The Sadness of My Manhood". We quickly left.

While we were there, I snapped a photo of this sign which I really liked:

Escaping outside we discovered it was raining. Not good for standing in queues. Bit of a mission (via. Burger King - £1.99 for a cheeseburger, fries and coke!!) to Horatio's on the end of the pier to see Race Horses. And we grabbed ourselves a bargain jug of Kronenberg to make the Welsh indie music sound better!

Race Horses. Not a bad sound but the crowd were rubbish- I hate indie posers and shoe gazers - Simone lightened things up though with some stumbles and comedy glasses.

I think Sanj Sanj enjoyed the beer more than anything else.
The show finished so we left for Komedia. And the rain had stopped! We were happy so we tooke some happy photos!

Got to Komedia and saw the Speed Bumps (read: Rumble Strips). They were awesome and the crowd were really loving it- bit of crowd surfing, small mosh pit and a one man stage invasion. This was the indie sweat I'd been waiting for!

We had an awesome time and came out soaked and smiling. Some of the crowd worried us a little however, seemed they had gotten a little carried away:

Then we went to Coalition to catch the human beatbox Killa Kela. He was entertaining but since I'd last seen him he has changed. Seem's he's discovered cake, butt plugs and Take That 'cause he looked and acted like a fatter gayer version of Robbie Williams.

Still, he's got skills.
Waiting for the next act I got chatting to 88kidz member and realised I can't speak Japanese anymore. He told me that he liked England but the food was shit and the weather was cloudy. Probably gonna try and catch his band when they play tonight.

So gigs turned inot clubs and clubs turned into chips and chips turned into stumbling back up the hill to the tales HQ.
And we saw two snails fucking!

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