Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Rainy Daze (Get it?)

This Sunday gone was a scorcher. Sitting in my back garden not even moving proved occasionally difficult. And, someone pesimistically says; "It's not Summer yet, this weather is a trick. Next week it'll piss it down." This is the weather today. Grey, wet, windy, cold.
So, while SkyHigh is away in Bermuda sunning herself silly, I'm taking the opportunity to upadate here.

Firstly, a long while ago, I stated that I would be posting everything new from Jay-Z that came out. Since then, nothing has come out. No leaks, no features, no remixes, nothing. So, I've decided to post Jay's first ever screen appearance from 20 year ago now. This is a very young Hove in the video for Jaz-O's (Jiggas early mentor) Hawaiian Sophie.This video amazes me every time. Just how young the man is, the cheapness of the set, the clothes, the real amature performances and the fact that Jay is so slept on.
It's also good for today considering the weather outside. This is somewhat brighter.

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