Sunday, 17 May 2009

Great Escape 2009 - Day2 - Bonkers

Didn't have time yesterday to update about Friday's Great Escape events, so today I have a bit of an epiq blogging session ahead of me with 2 days of gigs, bands, and funny happenings to write about. Settle in comfortably because these might get rather lenghty:

So Friday afternoon. The Tales' Japan connect Megumi tipped us off about several Japanese acts to catch over the weekend so braved the wind and rain and made it to the end of the pier to see Riddim Saunter.They really brought some Tokyo sunshine and energy and gave us some much needed warmth after the bad weather on the way to Horatio's. Dudes were jumping all over the place and gave a frantic show. I'm sure these guys pack out Tokyo clubs with kids going nuts to their ska/pop sound. Unfortunatly, the crowd were a little subdued and thin on the feet but it didn't seem to bother the musicians.
Grabbed the drummer Tachi for a quick Shashin. Dunno, how much English he spoke but I told him to look out for Megumi when he plays Shinsaibashi, Osaka next month.

Stayed at Horatio's and drank while the nordic Harry's Gym played a boring set which we hardly looked at.We left for Komedia after their set, via a spin on the tea-cups to celebrate the end of the rain.And, took this photo of Brighton from the pier. We live in a beautiful city.
Got over to Komedia to see Big Pink who are hottly tipped to be the next big band on the way up. But, of course, everyone else had the same idea. So we got stuck in a nightmare queue outside the venue which we stood in while the band played.
What really pissed me off was all the arsey press/arists/blag artists jumping ahead of us, talking shit to get in the place and giving agro to those patiently waiting and to the bouncers. The fuckers don't pay for their tickets, get ahead of the real people and don't make for a good show - too busy judging/posing/complaining to enjoy/dance/cheer like the rest of us.
Anyway, got in after Big Pink finished their set, and watched Holy Fuck play instead.They were a really energetic dance group, with so many keyboards and a really odd machine through which one member pulled a tape that looked like camera film and made spaced out noises.

Then we went up to The Hope and spotting Nikki from BigBrother 6 leaving. The Hope was so hot and the beer so expensive! And the band - Let's Wrestle - were doing shit cover versions of Nirvana and Black Sabbath for no reason. He didn't know any of the words so just slurred the rythm tonelessly. Shite.
We bumped into the Race Horses though, and Simone showed them a photo of him sitting on a horse.Let's Wrestle.

Gigs ended and clubs started. We went to Digital for a bit and then to the Corn Exchange where Holy Fuck were DJing. On the way we were distracted by a digger and got this photo with a bunch of Spaniards: Weird isn't it.
Got to the Corn Exchange and had a dance, chatted with the guys from Holy Fuck and then went to Ocean Rooms and then to the Druids.
Simone with the singer from Holy Fuck.
Stay tuned for part 3.

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