Saturday, 9 May 2009

Chocolate chip and mange on a waffle cone please!

Today started off with rain and generally meh-ness. But by 1pm it had all cleared and considering we now have very rare days together we made the most of it by making a trip to our favorite italian ice cream man on the seafront. It's almost a whole hour away from where we live but we walked along the seafront and took in the view.

As you can see the sea was very unsettled and the wide was going crazy. We counted 9 kite surfers doing their thing which was pretty cool. Wish I have a cool hobby like that. Also made me miss our kite. We somehow lost two of the sticks holding it together so we've said byebye to it for now. oh, and then the fisheye camera came out to play!

also stopped by zara to try on maxi dresses. Didnt like them on me tho.

It looked weird on me. But hey ho, then we soldiered on to mr italian ice cream man.

It was very windy and hurt my ears from the strong strong winds but it was well worth it when we got there

Took ages deciding whether we want sundaes, milkshakes or just plain old ice cream. finally settled on 2 scoops on a waffle cone but then had to choose flavours!! Every time we go there I think to myself I shouldn't get chocolate chip but everytime I see it I want it. They had flavours like spicy chocolate, pistaccio, bubblegum (taste like just the real thing!), orange chocolate etc etc. I went for the chocolate and mango and he got a banana with strawberry swirl and chocolate.

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