Saturday, 25 April 2009

From hiphop to nature, fushion?

You will probably notice a change in writing mannerisms as it is skyhigh blogging and not donaldamerica. My interest in hiphop is somewhat tame and I'm much more interested in producing vegetables at the moment!

I've been growing tomatoes and chilis the past yr or two and have decided this year to take it to a whole new level. I've got tomatoes, chilis (the old classics) plus sweetcorn, cucumber, garlic, peas, sweet pepper and corriander. OH and some genetically moditied for small countries (i.e japan) strawberries! dying to see how my teeny tiny strawberries will look like!

so here are some early photos of them. I took them back in March and the plants are significiantly bigger now.

These are my baby chili plants. so cute! i've potted out some of them later than others so they are now various sizes. I think i prefer that given that it might been they produce chilis at different times...mmmmmm

You can see A sweetcorn plant there on the left and the other two on the right are sweet peppers (which look exactly the same as chilis)

My baby teeny tiny strawberries! can't wait till it fruits

So I've been trying to turn what lil space in the garden I have into a veg patch and though it doesn't look amazing, this is roughly how it looks

I'm the first to admit it doesn't look great but it is a working progress n i'm a novice veg grower on a showstring....

My first outdoor pea plant! the rows have since filled up and i have a pea pod juicing up as I blog! Will blog later on after taking photos of the progress. I have a cat problem that I am trying to resolve with citrus, netting and cayenne pepper..everytthing that was recommended by various websites. Will see how it works as netting did nothing to resolve the issue.

So far in natural disasters:
3 cucumber plants lost to slugs
3 pea plants to cat digging
1 garlic plant to the cat
2 Garlic in ICU, again, cat


next time i'll blog about smth more hip, trendy, cool and generally more interesting to people my age..haha

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