Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Sporting misery.

Not much of a football fan, but this is a sad week for everyone from Norwich. Hanging onto a last thread of hope.
I think my man Mickey summed up the feeling best with his facebook comments:

"Kick It Off, Throw It In, Have a little scrimmage! Keep It Low, Splendid Rush, Bravo Win Or Die"
"How can anyone hate Norwich? Anyone (apart from reading fans!) who cheered on reading tonight should be shot. Whoever they are, no excuses. They have ruined my day and season as well as my families. I hope you all rot."
" Hates all forest fans for cheering on reading. I now have a real hatred towards all of you. you were pretty much safe anyway yet you took it out on us.. You should be ashamed. Name one Norwich fan who had a laugh at you when you spent years in league 1???? You should all be ashamed. Shame on you all."

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