Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Back for the first time.

Hello! Welcome to Tales from the Green Sofa. We will be blogging about all the stuff we like from Hip Hop to Gardening; music, fashion, photography, travel, films, celebs and everday life.

For my first post; Eminems new song and video. So disappointing! So many of us must be excited about the return of Shady but this and the previous single Crack a Bottle are both preety lame. Has Em been hanging around with 50 too much. Seems like the Aftermath gang cant succeed in putting out any decent music. 2009 is supposed to be the year of Em, Dre and 50 but nothing doing as yet. How long will we wait to hear Detox? I'm tired of this crap.

(Edit: Can't embed the video for some reason so here's the link to Smoking Section's embedd).

Don't all the cultural references (Sarah Palin, Winehouse etc.) seem dated? Maybe Em wrote this last summer?

Sorry to start of negatively, more posts on things I actually DO like next!

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